frequently asked questions.

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general questions.

Make sure the power plug is inserted correctly into the power outlet.

Che if the AC cord of the TV is plugged in or not. If there’s still no power, please disconnect the plug, and reconnect to the socket after 60 seconds. Turn the power back on.

Make sure the following is connected correctly:

  • adjust the antenna
  • move TV away from any products tat may cause interference
  • autotune the unit again
  • go to another channel
  • make sure everything is connected correctly
  • check if input settings for TV are correct
  • control if audio settings are properly set
  • make sure volume is not muted
  • if earphones are connected, unplug them
  • adjust the volume.
  • check if the batteries are inserted correctly
  • replace batteries if they have been used for a while
  • make sure to point remote control at the TV sensor and try again
  • make sure you are not further than 6 m away from the TV.
  • Remote any obstacles that may be in the way of direct line of sight from remote control to the sensor. 
  • Double or phantom images may appear on your TV if there are gigh buildings or mountains close to where you are. You can adjust the image through manual operation: consult instruction of vernier regulation, or adjust the direction of the external antenna.
  • If you use an indoor antenna under certain circumstances signal reception may be more difficult. Adjust the direction of the antenna for optimum reception. If this does not improve reception, you may have to switch to an external antenna.
  • Try increasing the volume.
  • Check if the TV’s sound is on mute or not.

Try adjusting the contrast and brightness.

Check if the antenna at the back of the TV is connected properly.

Electrical appliances such as hair dryers or vacuums, etc. may be interfering with your Tv set. Switch these appliances off.

  • make sure the plastic bag which came with the remote control is removed. Try using the remote in a shorter distance from the TV. Check if the placement of the batteries is correct, or try using new batteries with the remote control.

Please check if the cable is connected to the VGA port correctly, or if the cable is bent in some places.

Enter the main menu, and adjust the vertical placement to eliminate the vertical line.

Adjust the horizontal placement of the screen to clear any horizontal lines.

Adjust the brightness or contrast in the main menu.

Check if the PC’s display resolution is set to a compatible resolution for the TV.

Make sure you are using a cable of good quality.

Unplug the power cable and wait for 30 seconds. Then reconnect to the socket. If problems still persist, do not attempt to repair the TV by yourself. Kindly contact the service center.

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