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a german story.

Initially founded in 1866 by Albert Graetz and his friend Emil Ehrich as „Lampen-Fabrik Ehrich & Graetz OHG“ in Berlin, the company produced petroleum lights.

all about light.

In 1887 overtaken by Max Graetz – eldest son of Albert Graetz – the company grew rapidly as one of the leading producers of gas and petroleum lanterns in Europe and across the world. GRAETZ was very popular for the invention of the still nowadays produced PETROMAX lantern.

Because of rough times around the first world war, the company nearly failed. But thanks to Max Graetz as a smart businessman GRAETZ was saved and could recover.

The production of radios has been added in 1925 and became one of the primary product lines. In the 60ies GRAETZ successfully started to

build TV.

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Graetz goes 21st century.

The product line in the late 60ies also included a bunch of electric appliances as steam irons, coffee makers, water boilers and many more. GRAETZ grew to one of the most successful producers of TV and radios in Germany during the 20th century.

Kicking off now with different lines of TV and carefully chosen small technical devices amongst tablets, action camera and a vast range of kitchen items. 

We are coming to the second round. GRAETZ is entering the 21st century with new ideas and creative minds. Our approach is to bring together Italian design and German craftsmanship. Pairing the tradition of our company with flexibility and the state of the art of high tech.

Following the tradition of the company, our goal is to offer our customers a product with maximum quality, design and service. As intuitive as elegant, our products connect usability with the latest technology.

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