frequently asked questions.

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The TV does not turn on ?

Please check if the AC cord of the TV is plugged in or not. If there is still no power please disconnect the plug, and reconnect to the socket after 60 seconds. Turn the power back on. 

The Video appears without audio ?

Try increasing the volume.
Check if the TV’s sound is on mute or not.

My TV does not receive any signal properly ?

Double or phantom images may appear on your TV if there are high buildings or mountains close to where you are. You can adjust the image thru manual operation: consult instruction of vernier regulation, or adjust the direction of the external antenna.

If you use an indoor antenna, under certain circumstances signal reception may be more difficult. Adjust the direction of the antenna for optimum reception. If this does not improve reception, you may have to switch to an external antenna.

Audio is present but video does not appear or is discoloured ?

Try adjusting the contrast and brightness.

Static noise affects video and audio quality ?

Check if the antenna at the back of the TV is connected properly.

I can't see any picture ?

Check if the antenna at the back of the TV is connected properly.

View other channels to see if the problem still occurs.

I see broken ?

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